Services & Prices

Free Services

Account setup fee $0
Monthly fee $0
Incoming packages receiving   $0
Photo at the moment of order registration  $0
Tax on purchases (delivered to Delaware) $0
Consolidation and packing $0
Removing unnecessary packing materials and invoices $0
Storing purchases up to 90 days $0
Storing consolidated packages up to 5 days $0
Huge assortment of popular American magazines $0
Commision for discounted Gift cards sold on our website $0
Purchase disposal  $0

Paid Services

Personal Shopper commission 10%, minimum $10
Storing purchases after 90 days $1 per box per day
Storing consolidated packages after 5 days $5 per box per day
Phone call to the store or USPS upon request $10 per 1 call
Additional photo $3 per photo
Quantity and quality check $3 per item
Splitting (separation) purchases into 2 parts  $5
Packed in a new box $6
Additional packing for fragile items $5-10
Packing items in a plastic bag inside the box $3
Packing in a protective, multilayer stretch film on top of the box $8
Moving package to another client $5
Return of your purchase to the store (commission for the purchased order is not refundable) $20 + USPS postage
Sending parcel with different shipping company (not integrated in our system) $30 + postage
Special request (repackaging, removing price tags, refund processing etc.) $1 per minute, $10 minimum
Insurance for parcel lost 3% of the value, $3 minimum
Providing scan of invoices, declarations, address labels and other documents $10 per document