Doing business through the Internet, we regularly receive questions from new clients regarding our service. In this section we have put together all the facts and did our best to answer as much questions as possible. 

Business Legality is officially registered in the state of Pennsylvania, United States of America in 2009 and operates in accordance with the State and the US Federal law. Well-coordinated team of professionals provides the parcels processing at two warehouses. 

Financial Transactions Transparency
Using ExpressFromUS web site you can track all your finansial transactions at any time. 
All service costs are published at this page 
We have no hidden fees, no surprises after you've made a purchase. You can be sure that purchasing goods through our company you pay exactly as much as it's stated on the website. 

Your money is always with you 
If for any reason the order can’t be purchased from any online store or is canselled by the seller, the whole amount will be credited back to your account. Customers have the ability to add or withdraw money from their accounts at any time.

Protection from damage 
Buying at a distance, you can’t see the quality of the goods until it arrives to you. In the case of damage or if your order does not match the description, you have to return it back to the seller wich can be a long and expensive procedure.
Using our services each customer can see the initial merchandise photo that is made at the time of goods being received at our warehouse. There is also a possibility to order additional photos if you need to see more details. Also you can oreda a Quantity and quality check of your purchase. Our experts will examine the product for compliance, performance, color, size, will make measurements. When mismatch or deffects are detected, we return the goods to the store and you get the refund from the seller. This way you save your time, energy and money.  

Both ExpressFromUS warehouses are equipped with an alarm system and a video surveillance, which works 24 / 7 protecting your purchases. 

All goods stored at our warehouses are insured against loss or damage (including as a result of natural disasters - fires, floods, hurricanes, etc). The insurance is valid for all the purchases starting from the day of registration at the system to the moment consolidated parcel is transferred to the postal services for delivery. 

Parcels under control 
We work with reliable delivery services that provide us tracking numbers on each parcel. The tracking number appears at your account immediately after the package is sent. Starting from this moment you can track the parcel's status all the way from our warehouse to your doorstep.   

Parcel Insurance
Each client ExpressFromUS have the opportunity to insure their package against loss in transit. While most insurance companies limit their liability moment the plane landed with sending in the recipient country, we are working with a specialized insurance company that is liable up to the delivery of the item to the recipient. 

Customer Support 
We make every effort to do your shopping experience in the US as pleasant and comfortable as possible. In case you have any questions, please contact us through our messaging system at your account or use the Contact form - we are always happy to assist.

Helping people from around the Globe to make purchases for 11 years we've got a first-class reputation. To read our customers reviews please click here. On this page you will see not just their "Thank you" words but also real tracking numbers for all their packages that being sent from our warehouses. Those trucking numbers are verifying an every message.