Delivering goods from us online retailers offers the USA shipping address (mail forwarding service) for your American shopping. We buy and forward to our clients all kind of products from online stores located in the USA: clothes, shoes, appliances, baby products, cosmetics, furniture, sports equipment and more. We offer our services at a minimum cost to you. You can either shop on your own and use our virtual mailing address or we can offer you an assisted purchase service. When creating a package request, you will be able to decide what kind of shipping method you wish to use to deliver the goods you order in the USA.

What to consider when buying and forwarding packages from US stores:

The more your package weighs, the better the shipping cost will be. The first pound usually is the most expensive – and that is true for all shipping carriers. We recommend you to create packages weighing between 20 to 30 pounds (10 to 14 kilos). This will lead to optimal cost savings and quick custom clearance to your address.

Example package:

USPS Priority Express parcel cost from the USA to Brazil:
Shipping just 1 pound (453 g.) is $54.75.
If you ship 30 pounds in one parcel it cost you $160.60.
$160.60 / 30 = just $5.35 a pound.
As you see, the savings are ten-fold.

Idea - group buying can save you on package delivery from the USA:

If you notice your purchases aren’t adding up to a significant weight for saving invite your friends and family to use your mailbox address in our warehouse. Then we will put together all the goods in one consolidated parcel and you will get a great savings on shipping from US.

Where do we ship packages:

Using you can ship your package from US to UK, Australia, Canada and over 200 other destinations worldwide. You can check at our postage calculator on the main page if your country is available for parcel shipping. 
Please be advised, we do not ship packages within United States, except return purchase to the seller (if needed).

Shipping Services Offered: cooperates with the most reliable and trusted mail service such as the United States Postal Service (USPS).

USPS Priority Express International (PEI):

The most popular type of delivery from the United States, which is characterized by an optimal ratio of cost and terms of transportation. Residents of the most countries will be able to get their purchase within 4-12 days. For the convenience of the customer's courier will bring valuable parcel to the specified address. Assigned identifier begins on the letter «E». For example: EC ********* US. There is a possibility to track parcels on the main page

USPS Priority International:

Practicing longer periods for deliveries: 15-30 days for the most destination. At the same time, to pick up your parcel, you need to go to your nearest post office. Tracking number ID starts from the letter «C». For example: CJ ********* US. You can track your package online on our home page.

USPS First Class International:

The most affordable way to deliver small packages. Delivery times vary from 20 to 40 days. The maximum parcel weight is 4 pounds. Delivery is carried out to the nearest post office of the recipient. Tracking number ID starts on the letter «L». For example: LN ********* US. Online tracking is also available on our home page.

Shipping Cost:

Please use our postage calculator to determine shipping cost to your country.

Outgoing Shipment Schedule:

We bring presorted parcels from our warehouse directly to JFK International Airport in New York, USA, passing intermediate sorting facilities. Our trucks drive there 4 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. That means the delivery time for your packages are accelerated by 2-3 days for Express delivery and 4-6 days for First Class and Priority, compared with the traditional transfers through the post office network.