Affiliate program

Why join ExpressFromUS affiliate program

  • You recommend the reputable company with the high service level. 
  • The highest commission in the industry.
  • $10 x 5 parcels for an every new customer = $50 per customer! 
  • Payable right after customer sends every eligible parcel (USPS Priority International or USPS Priority Express International).
  • Payments are sent by PayPal. Also money can be credited to any ExpressFromUS account.
  • No minimal payout.
  • Partnership program activation is free.
  • Tons of banners.
  • Full statistics.
  • Your friend will get $10.

Who can be a partner

This affiliate program is great source of income for the owners of web sites, forums, blogs, smart phone application and video game developers and any other source of internet traffic.   

How much you can earn

Statistically 100,000 unique visitors per month on a web site about shopping may give you a $10,000 per month! 

100.000 visitors  x 5% = 5,000 registrations x 20% parcel senders = 1,000 parcels sent x $10 = $10,000 for your first month in program!

Every other month these numbers will increase because of the repeating customers.

How to start

  1. Sign up for account.
  2. Go to the partner’s page
  3. Choose banners or create text links with your personal tracking code.
  4. Put them on your web site or other traffic source.
  5. Promote and get paid!