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  • We offer two main services:

    • Mailbox - you make purchases by yourself using our address as your shipping address.
    • Personal Shopper - if store does not accept international credit cards, place this order on our website and we will buy this merchandise for you.  

    Also we offer a lot of additional services. You can see the full list of services including their cost on this page.

  • Security hold means we need more information from the customer to make sure their purchases are legit.

    It is a pretty rare status of the client's account and 95% of the users have never face it. The security hold is possible only in the situations when suspicious activity is discovered.  

    In order to remove security hold, the customer has to provide additional documents such as:
    - photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.)
    - credit card or PayPal statements with transactions in question 
    - order's confirmations
    - and other related proof of legit purchases.  

    ExpressFromUS also remains the right to contact sellers for transactions verification purposes. 

    Security hold will be removed as soon as we receive all the confirmations needed. 

    If no such confirmation received or we are notified by sellers that a stolen credit card, PayPal or any other payment method was used, the customer's account will be closed. 

  • After you login to your account, you can: 

    1. Register all of your incoming packages (with stores names and tracking numbers).
    2. Create orders for Personal Shopper.
    3.  Add money to your account. 
    4. Check if your merchandise has been received.
    5. Create a Packing (consolidation) Request.
    6. Check the Status of your Shipments.
    7. Change any of your account details such as your credit card, billing and shipping address, etc. 

    Note: you will receive e-mail notification whenever we receive your package or when we send a shipment to you.

  • No. You are not required to complete this form.
    We just ask you to provide us with 2 forms of photo ID (passport, drivers license, etc.) which you can download in your profile. That will help you to avoid security hold on your account.

  • After you sign up for a new account, we will generate a shipping addresses for you. You can find this information in the top menu in you ExpressFromUS account, click on “Address in USA” tab.

  • We operate in 2 states: our main Distribution Center is in Pennsylvania (PA), the other warehouse is in Delaware (DE).
    Delaware is an absolutely tax free sate. Using this address you can easily save up to 10% compare to the other states, like New York, Florida or California. All you need - just put our Delaware warehouse address as a shipping address when make a purchase and save!
    After receiving your packages in DE, we transfer all of them to our main warehouse in Pennsylvania for free, where packages are registered in our system and stored until you ready for consolidation.
    You also can use our PA address for purchases. This way the processing time is quicker. Usually stores do not charge you a sales tax for clothes and shoes when delivering to PA, but for the other kind of merchandise there is a 6% sales tax.

  • Many sellers do not ship to PO BOX addresses. Our address is not a PO BOX address. We provide with a real address in a regular warehouse building which is open from 8.00 am till 5.00 pm EST Monday through Friday. There is always someone available to receive incoming packages at the working time.